How to Get Involved


If you are visiting our website, most likely you are interested in our cause. That’s AMAZING! A community thrives when it’s citizens are engaged. We need to gather and submit to the court over 15,500 signatures of Chesapeake registered voters by July 18, 2019 to put the issue of moving ALL City of Chesapeake elections to November on the November 2019 ballot.

This way, the voters of Chesapeake have a VOICE on this issue.

We need your signature, but more importantly, WE NEED YOU!

  • WE NEED YOU to spread the word about our petition drive to your friends and family, in person and on social media.
  • WE NEED YOU to volunteer to gather the signatures of your  family, friends and neighbors.
  • WE NEED YOU to volunteer to gather signatures at events in our community and outside of the libraries, recreation centers, and at the parks located in our city.

This is a grassroots, non-partisan group. It is PEOPLE driven.

I have personally been collecting signatures for the petition since October 18, 2018, when the petition was certified by the Clerk of the Court.  The overwhelming majority of people I speak with are in favor of moving our city elections to November. Its just a matter of common sense.

Gathering Signatures

It’s EASY!

The handout helps lead your conversation. It lists the 4 reasons why we think the elections should be moved to November. Signing the petition means that the individual believes that the issue should be put on the November 2019 ballot for the voters to decide.  Gathering the required signatures, does not make the decision. Only the VOTERS can decide once the question gets on the ballot.

Click on the links below to print out the petition (must be printed double-sided), rules and handout.

City of Chesapeake – Petition of Qualified Voters (Hi-Res)

Petition Rules


If you have questions about volunteering, when/where to turn in signatures, do not have access to a printer, or wish to receive petition materials in person or by mail, please contact me at 757-615-8225 or by e-mail  We also have a Facebook Page: Change the Date Chesapeake, LLC.

We will be updating the calendar with events and volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in the petition drive!