Change the Date Chesapeake

This is the OFFICIAL Website. Change the Date Chesapeake is a nonpartisan group of volunteers dedicated to moving all City of Chesapeake, Virginia elections from May to November, this includes Mayor, City Council and School Board elections.

We will be gathering petition signatures to get approval for a referendum on the November 2019 ballot. Over 15,500 signatures are needed to get approval for a referendum. A large number of volunteers will be needed to make this campaign successful.

May elections are fiscally irresponsible, wasting over $112,000 per election. Voter turnout in the May 2018 elections was composed of approximately 15 percent of registered voters. Moving elections to November will increase turnout.  By comparison, the voter turnout in November 2018 was 56 percent of registered voters – a 40 percent difference. Higher voter turnout corresponds to increased input from the community on the selection of our elected representatives.

May elections take place during school hours which presents a security risk for our children. November elections occur when children have a scheduled day off from school.

Save money, serve the community and safeguard our children.

Moving elections from May to November is the SMART choice for Chesapeake!